Goodbye South Wedge, Hello People’s Pantry

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The last year-and-a-half has been a pivotal time in the history of South Wedge Food Pantry. The Covid-19 pandemic, and our decision to keep serving our clients, changed us for the better. We transformed into the largest free grocery delivery service in all of Rochester, serving thousands of people each month, either by delivery or from our front door. We met amazing people along the way and kept hunger out of the homes of so many who lost income due to the layoffs in 2020. All while operating on a shoestring budget. The South Wedge went through its own transformation, albeit much more gradual. It… Read More »Goodbye South Wedge, Hello People’s Pantry

ROC the Day with The People’s Pantry!

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2021: 12 AM – 11:59 PM Roc the Day is a virtual fundraiser by the United Way of Rochester, and almost every non-profit organization in town has signed up. Our Roc the Day web page will be open Tuesday, November 30 for donations starting at 12:00 AM and ending at 11:59 PM. Why support us? Chances are you know someone who has used us at least once. Help us feed Rochester through 2022 and beyond.

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Volunteer With Us!

There are many ways you can help feed hungry people. Won’t you consider joining us? […]